What is soonieverse?

Soonieverse is a community-based brand combining the power of blockchain technology, the art of pop culture and comics.

pilots of the 1111 genesis spaceships program get access to an exclusive frenship filled with amazing perks!

co-create comics with the artists, get cool Merch, airdrop PFP + swags, attend community events... and a lot more to be created!

Join us and let’s explore the metaverse together πŸš€

what's in for you


An exclusive frenship of cool metaverse explorers filled with perks and giveaways


A lifestyle brand that combines the art of pop culture and comics


A kick ass comic book that connects nft communities

The journey

Our journey in the metaverse is not a simple straight line.
The items below are the things we are working on πŸ—.

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launch our genesis COLLECTION

Get your unique spaceship and earn a lifetime access to the galactic frenship.

Progress :

Discover the collection

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Soonieverse season 01

The exciting journey continues! discover new cool characters and the fight against the greedy fuderation!

Progress :

Check out the comics

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Drop the soonieverse pfp

Get your pfp and show to the world in which community you belong!

Progress :

Coming Soon

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access exclusive clothings and merchandises

Offer exclusive, co-created pop-culture & comics inspired clothing and merchandise.

Progress :

earn a merch pack on discord

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write the future with us

Our goal is to be decentralized and community driven. Join us and take part of this amazing journey with us.

Join the frenship


Prequel of the comics available now πŸ”₯

an amazing journey in the soonieverse

filled with nft frens (and villains).

full spark



community driven Sooniememes ❀️

Weekly funny 1of1 NFTs co-created with
the community.

join the galactic program to
participate and get a chance to earn it!

full spark

opensea opensea

an exclusive club
of galactic frens
exploring the metaverse!